Thursday, 17 May 2012

Time to reflect

Just heard about the demise of someone I knew though we weren't too close. I was really shocked and it then occurred to me that over and over again , death still takes us by surprise. Not that it's something we don't often think about it's just that whenever it happens, it stills moves us and makes us feel the void within. The thought of not knowing when ours would come and who is next is sure "From Allah we come and to Him we return". Aliyu a.k.a TENSION,May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. I wasn't close to you but I sure knew you were a very protective and caring brother. You would be missed dearly by both your family and friends. Now the questions , How do we spend a typical day in our lives? what impact do we make on the lives of those we come across in our day to day means of survival? What goals do we set for ourselves before our final departure. Irrespective of how we live our lives, the most important thing I believe is living everyday like its your last and this entails been closer to your creator and having a positive impact on the lives of those we would leave behind when death comes knocking. Do ask for forgiveness from your Lord without ceasing. No one is perfect that, I know but let's try and live a life that's a bit clean because our exact date and time of departure is unknown to us. Am going to start mine with making sure someone eats breakfast this morning no matter how small what I may offer is, it's surely a good start.