Friday, 17 August 2012

Road trip

It was really a tiring trip back home. I really don't why but my elder sister  always and I mean always have misunderstanding with either those at the park or with passengers in the vehicle. I always look forward to it because it's always hilarious. I try as much as possible to keep a straight face whenever it's ongoing.
           Yesterday's episode was due to the driver making a call while on the wheel and a passenger trying to grab the phone from the driver. My advocate sister decided to take up the issue and one statement which she kept repeating and which always made me smile was " am a citizen of Nigeria " I don't know who said she wasn't . Funny girl. Well, that is over now and Alhamdulillah we arrived home safely. I really missed home especially my mum. So glad am back and she is fine.
             Now it's time to prepare for Sallah. Time to join the women in the kitchen.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Exam mode activated

Been so long I had time to blog I guess being back to school is taking its toll on me. It's hasn't been easy I must confess phew! I just can't wait to finish and return home . Exams are so strange to me and reading isn't fun any more unlike my undergraduate days. I feel so dull. Ya'Allah please grant me a retentive memory (Amin). Need to return back to my books . I pray I get the inspiration to blog after this exams because I have almost a room full of movies to watch "exaggeration " .