Sunday, 29 April 2012

Attacks on our Universities.

Woke up this morning with a terrible headache as usual all thanks to my Landlord who packs his car in a house he gave out as ''rent'' to students. He always has the habit of warming his vehicle around 6am Haba! Mallam 6am. Not fair at all.
      Back to the issue at hand, still grumbling from my Landlords bad habit as I would put it, I was called by my sis in Kano that Bayero University Kano (BUK) had been bombed got to know later that it was just a part of it which was used by Catholic students. It was such a sad news and it got me thinking again about the future of my once peaceful Nation called Nigeria. Where did we go wrong, how do we redeem our present situation? these and more questions kept coming into my head.
     Just few days ago it was Gombe State University in which its administrative building was bombed now BUK. Who is so mean and heartless as to attack innocent students? If u have a problem with someone you get your grievances across in a diplomatic manner and through the right channel. Am trying as much as possible to be objective but I know the leadership of this country has failed woefully in providing adequate security for the common man. We have bad leaders in this country and they didn't just become bad today they have been so for a while now and we Nigerians kept quiet because we are known for ''Suffering and Smiling'' according to the music legend Fela Kuti.
     Am tired of seeing the innocent lose their lives and nothing is been done about it , am tired of listening to the same statement from the President and his media spokesperson saying ''We are on top of the situation and this menace would soon come to an end''  I've had enough and am fed up. It seems our representatives don't even care about us, they have all alienated themselves from those who voted them in. I wish my fellow Nigerians can rise to their feet and help put a stop to this, everything happening today is just as a result of the decadence in the society.
     Not only does it break the heart, it has also brought about so much religious and ethnic bigotry that it brings tears to my eyes. Browsing through the social media all ones sees is religious and ethnic bigotry, we cant forge ahead with such bitterness in our hearts. My religion Islam is the worst hit in this present scenario. I don't believe they are Muslims and am not pointing fingers but I know no religion tolerates such, I believe they are mercenaries brought to create disunity in this country. I know what my religion preaches and this isn't inclusive, my religion is a religion of peace and total submission to the will of ALLAH. I won't be deterred I  would keep trying to make people see reasons. Even the educated ones that one would think can see objectively are not left out in this bigotry syndrome as i would call it.
      I pray for peace to return to my Nation and also for God to grant eternal rest to those who lost their lives. May their souls rest in perfect peace(Amin). The perpetrators and sponsors of this heinous crime to humanity shall be brought to book that, I believe in.

Monday, 23 April 2012


Hmm! I can't believe am late to class. When am I ever going to stop this bad habit? Guess am the only one with an answer to that. I've tried getting rid of this habit but it's proofing too difficult. I don't wake up late I just dont know how it happens that I always end up been late to class or wherever I have somewhere to go to. It's so sad . Moments like this are when I feel like crying (sober period) but I still end up the same way again tomorrow. God please help me I have a serious problem . By the way, who is this guy just staring at me? Can't he atleast not make it so obvious? This is even pissing me off more. Undergraduates all around me preparing for their examination. Listening to tutorials on different courses from various departments all around me makes me reminisce about my undergraduate days. So long ago almost 4 years now, wow! I feel so old.

Friday, 13 April 2012

August Visitor

Am expecting an extremely important guest today someone very close to my heart *wink*. Woke up this morning with that thought and excitement in my heart.
My morning ritual which is to wake up by 5:30am to say my prayers was observed as always though this time I couldn't return to bed all thanks to the ever disappointing PHCN who did what they know how to do best. Gosh! I don't even have what to put on. So right now, am still lazing around on my bed clueless on what action to take next. The only noise I keep hearing around me are those of my neighbors preparing to go for their lectures unlike me.
The weather here on the other hand is driving me nuts one moment it's windy and the next heat waves. Really missing the cold days when I had to cuddle under my blanket and sip tea all day, sleeping was so much fun then. Gotta go now before I forget that I have an August visitor to give a red carpet reception.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Back to school

Hmm! All seems so strange to me again in my "not" new environment . I have been here 4years ago yet I still feel like a "Jambito" even over estimated how far I can trek round ABU in heels and got what I deserved. My legs still hurt from yesterday's trekking all over school courtesy of my dear Maryam Ahmed. Have promised myself never to put on heels to school again and also trekking so much. Gosh! What was I thinking or rather feeling like?
The good news is that, my lectures would be from Mondays and would round off every Wednesday so I have plenty of time to get ready for presentations and also go for weekends 'Yipee'. Am quite sure am going to have enough stories to blog about cause so far my new colleagues are already proving to be clowns. Also, did I mention that my class mates are way older than me? Am looking forward to having a Mother and Father figure like my Undergraduate days again.