Thursday, 12 April 2012

Back to school

Hmm! All seems so strange to me again in my "not" new environment . I have been here 4years ago yet I still feel like a "Jambito" even over estimated how far I can trek round ABU in heels and got what I deserved. My legs still hurt from yesterday's trekking all over school courtesy of my dear Maryam Ahmed. Have promised myself never to put on heels to school again and also trekking so much. Gosh! What was I thinking or rather feeling like?
The good news is that, my lectures would be from Mondays and would round off every Wednesday so I have plenty of time to get ready for presentations and also go for weekends 'Yipee'. Am quite sure am going to have enough stories to blog about cause so far my new colleagues are already proving to be clowns. Also, did I mention that my class mates are way older than me? Am looking forward to having a Mother and Father figure like my Undergraduate days again.

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