Friday, 13 April 2012

August Visitor

Am expecting an extremely important guest today someone very close to my heart *wink*. Woke up this morning with that thought and excitement in my heart.
My morning ritual which is to wake up by 5:30am to say my prayers was observed as always though this time I couldn't return to bed all thanks to the ever disappointing PHCN who did what they know how to do best. Gosh! I don't even have what to put on. So right now, am still lazing around on my bed clueless on what action to take next. The only noise I keep hearing around me are those of my neighbors preparing to go for their lectures unlike me.
The weather here on the other hand is driving me nuts one moment it's windy and the next heat waves. Really missing the cold days when I had to cuddle under my blanket and sip tea all day, sleeping was so much fun then. Gotta go now before I forget that I have an August visitor to give a red carpet reception.

1 comment:

  1. Ramat, who is this august visitor in april 2012? hmmm sm1 has been keeping secrets.