Monday, 23 April 2012


Hmm! I can't believe am late to class. When am I ever going to stop this bad habit? Guess am the only one with an answer to that. I've tried getting rid of this habit but it's proofing too difficult. I don't wake up late I just dont know how it happens that I always end up been late to class or wherever I have somewhere to go to. It's so sad . Moments like this are when I feel like crying (sober period) but I still end up the same way again tomorrow. God please help me I have a serious problem . By the way, who is this guy just staring at me? Can't he atleast not make it so obvious? This is even pissing me off more. Undergraduates all around me preparing for their examination. Listening to tutorials on different courses from various departments all around me makes me reminisce about my undergraduate days. So long ago almost 4 years now, wow! I feel so old.

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