Friday, 8 June 2012

Appointment with the doctor

Going to the hospital has always been a very difficult task for me. If I have to go to the hospital then it means whatever is wrong with me is very serious. My hospital phobia started right from when I was a kid I always dreaded hospitals due to the fact that I thought all visits to the hospital would always end up with me been given an injection. As an adult now , I have gradually started moving away from that feeling, now I know I have to be more conscious of my health. So I had to make an appointment with a doctor in a Teaching Hospital. Looking around and seeing sick people made me realize that I wasn't in so much pain as I thought, that more people where going through worse than I was presently going through. One can't help but be grateful to God whenever one visits the hospital. Hardly would you see patients smile and even when they do one can see the difficulty with which they smile, just can't imagine the kind of pain they are presently going through. I also forgot to mention the stress of trying to see a doctor alone. Gosh! It's such a cumbersome process can't they make it less stressful and not forgetting the non-chalant nature of the doctors, nurses and hospital attendants respectively especially if one is visiting a Government owned hospital. Instead of attending to patients they keep discussing in loud voices matters which should not be discussed in the hospital. Some doctors were discussing about the DANA crash and a particular doctor kept lamenting on how airlines neglect the basic maintenance culture and that's why he has resorted not to ever travel by air that he'd rather go by road anytime and so the conversation went on and on , how airlines don't even treat their customers well and then I thought to myself isn't that the same thing he is doing, ignoring his basic duty to talk about frivolous issues and then I remembered I was in Nigeria and such has so sadly become a bad culture inculcated by majority of the workforce in the country. It's 10:24am and I still haven't seen a doctor. This is so sad, so so sad. We sure need a " Duex machina" in 9ja.

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  1. Nice one. disagree a little about the doctors not doing their jobs part, think of all the sectors in the country, and ask urself which group of workers actually work more diligently than others, u will realise it's Doctors. but of course they have short comings too, a lot in fact and can do better.