Thursday, 6 September 2012

...and love came knocking

My happiness knows no bound. Feels like I have never been in love before, this feeling is so good. Am glad I was patient and most importantly prayerful all through. Where do I start from in expressing how I feel presently? Adrenaline keeps rising or rather has remained high constantly since the beginning of this year. Just can't wait for my course work to be over so that I can fully channel all this excitement and energy towards the "main" preparation. Yippee!
     Hmm! Love sometimes sweet, sometimes sour but at the end of it all, am grateful to my Creator for making me go through it all. All the trials I went through only made me a better and stronger woman.
     I don't think anyone irrespective of what he/she went through should give up on love. It isn't so bad after all. Misfortunes are not meant to break an individual rather, they make individuals.

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